Think Big. Think Quirky.

Off the wall, distinctive, offbeat.. I create imagination for all types of occasion.

I’m Mike. A freelance designer & creative studio based in Cardiff.

Let's go on an adventure...

Forging a fascinating thought of discovery, leading to the creation of eye catching and eye watering business identities.

The visual identity of your business is key, it's how you communicate before even coming into contact with your audience.

Your visual communication. The print and graphic design of your marketing material is literaly the feel good visualisatoin of who you are, and the business you want to attract.

From the run of the mill to that special touch. The design of your collateral morphs with your brand to give that all important first impression.

Everybody needs a website, it's the 21st Century after all. From a simple information base to something a little more special, we go all out to make it stand out.

Visual impact and user ability (UX) are king, and we strive to combine both of these to both wow and inform your audience with a constantly evolving digital hub.

Tantilize those emotions, make them laugh and cry, the medium of moving picture is the optimum way to market yourself.

From live action film advertising to information based motion graphics. Striving to capture the audience and charm them with a visual treat.

I've worked with.


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