Branding & Strategy.

A business begins with the brand. As a partnership of designer and client, we will sit down and take the time to understand your values and how your brand is going to communicate with your target audience. Defining your personality and working together to develop a brand strategy and identity that suits you and your goals.

Then it’s up to me to produce creative. Creative that is credible and engaging, that make you stand out amongst your competition. Whether this is a one off project or an ongoing campaign, your developed brand sits at the very core of any artwork or visuals, so it needs to be right.

I start from scratch. The old fashioned pencil & paper (throw in a dash of all manner of weird and wonderful stationery). It’s the easiest way to get ideas down, developed and finalised into the finished article. A brand, and a logo, is a picture that says a thousand words – it speaks, it shouts and ultimately, it engages.

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